The UAE Ambassador in Palestin


 Ambassador Ahmed Al Tunaiji, head of the representation office of the United Arab Emirates at the Palestinian National Authority along with Mr. Ibrahim Al-Rashed, General Director of Emirates Business committee, have visited K. Abu Raya, Rehabilitation Center.

The Center represented by the chairman of the board  Mr. Mustafa Abdul Hadi  has welcomed the respectable delegation warmly , and has shown a great deal of praise towards the guests and the appreciated initiative of his excellence the Ambassador Ahmad Al Tmaiji, by demonstrating the significant role of the United Arab Emirates government in the political and economic support embodied by their continuous financial funding of the Palestinian nation and associated developmental organizations .Mr. Mustafa Abdul Hadi expressed his gratitude towards the UAE commitment towards the sustenance of the Palestinian development projects through the course of many years .
Throughout his welcoming speech Mr. Abdul Hadi emphasized on the center’s vital mission to provide the best rehabilitation services to a large segment of the Palestinian demography. Moreover he recited the center’s services and achievements concerning rehabilitation and providing medical services over the past years which included a massive number of community members.
Notably, Mr. Tunaiji showed his profound appreciation for the warm hospitality, he also stressed on the necessity to strengthen bilateral relations between Palestine and the UAE concentrating on the importance of providing support for the health care and educational sector. However, he mentioned that this support can only be accomplished by working hand in hand with well-known organizations, like Khalil Abu Raya rehabilitation Center which has proven throughout the course of many years it’s high performance and efficiency to provide advanced rehabilitation services. 
The Ambassador was invited for tour in the center, during that he stated his appreciation towards the various activities and services of the center. Mr. Tunaiji also expressed his admiration and appreciation for the up to standards services and efforts made by the center to provide appropriate rehabilitation services for all patients.

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