The second annual charity brea


Patient's Friends Society, Khalil Abu Raya Rehabilitation Center has hosted its second annual Charity breakfast on Wednesday, 13th of the holy month of Ramadan, 1433 M.C, to strengthen the national partnership, communal commitment and assumed responsibilities towards underprivileged citizens with disabilities, with the dignified presence of Dr. Laila Ghanam, Governor of Ramallah and Al-Bireh district, representing President Mahmoud Abbas for the event. Many high profile individuals have attended the events , such as ; Mr.Muhammad al-Madani , Central Committee member of the Fatah political party, Dr. Moussa Abu Zeid , General director of Personnel Council , Mr. Khalil Rizk , Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Agriculture/ Ramallah , Mr. Nizar Rimawi ,President of the Federation of Palestinian developers, Sheikh Khamis Abida, and his Holiness Father Abdullah Julio , and many national figures from various Palestinian cities added to a number of patients with disabilities.
Dr. Laila Ghannam conveyed the blessings and warm wishes of Mr. President towards the center and his great confidence in this institution and his praise for its leading role in the Palestinian society, as she viewed the center as a humanitarian and national monument for its rehabilitative medical distinct serves to answer the special needs of our people. Notably, a presidential grant was offered in the name of his highness President Mahmoud Abbas. In response Mr. Mustafa Abdul Hadi, chairman of the board, has thanked deeply the presence for accepting the invitation, which in his opinion showed a great deal of depth of their affiliation and interest in the role of the center, and their high support of the role of the founders of the Center represented by the late Mr. Khalil Abu Raya. Mr. Abdulhadi emphasized the pursuit of the center towards the strenuous continuity of development of rehabilitation services provided in harmony with the supreme national interest of the Palestinian demography.
In a different context, his holiness Father Abdullah Julio emphasized the importance of Islamic and Christian fraternal ties and mentioned some of the center's role over the past years. On the another hand, Sheikh Khamis Abida praised the highly esteemed role of the Centre and the services provided to individuals with disabilities, as they open the door to donate Al-zaka in the holy month of Ramadan, where a large number of national figures and business donations were offered in kind gestures of material contribution for the humanitarian effort performed by the center.

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