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Patient's Friends Society, Khalil Abu Raya Rehabilitation center in Ramallah has created joyous and festive events in the occasion of the International disabled person’s day, in an atmosphere of national and humanitarian celebration as the state of Palestine was declared an observer in the United Nations.
The ceremony was conducted to mark the International Day for disabled persons, and was attended by the patients of the center including the Board of Directors and staff of the center. Notably, many high profile personalities attended the event including; his excellence the mayor of Ramallah Mr. Musa Hadid, ward Sameh Abdel Meguid, the deputy mayor of Ramallah district, Mr. Khalil Rizk, the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Agriculture Ramallah, Mr. Hamdan Barghouti, Vice mayor of Ramallah and Al-Bireh district, his Holiness Father Atallah Julio, Mr. Ibrahim Barham, member of the Revolutionary Council of Fatah political party among many others.
The ceremony commenced with a welcoming speech by Mr. Mustafa Abdul Hadi, the chairman of the board , who welcomed the audience and praised the sacrifices of those wounded and disabled by the war and their patriotic resistance, emphasizing on the vision of the center, he also thanked the cadres and those who support the work of Khalil Abu Raya center concerning rehabilitation services, which will be strengthened by constructing a specialized rehabilitation center  with rehabilitation specialist services. Mr. Abdulhadi also praised the partnership with all organizations working in the Palestinian homeland.
Mr. Abdulhadi also appealed to the political administration in Palestine demonstrating the need to enact and implement the laws that ensure a better life for people with special needs in Palestine and protect those with disabilities through the implementations of legislated laws priory issued.
The Mayor of Ramallah Mr. Mosa Hadid has stressed the municipal role in offering help for the center, in partnership with the Centre and other local institutions in the city to provide places and suitable locations to facilitate the integration of the disabled community. Mr. Hadid also promise the disabled to be partners in the resolution and the decision making process, he also stressed on the importance of inclusion and employment for those suffering disabilities within the Palestinian community.
Mr. Hamdan Barghouti , the deputy governor of Ramallah and Al-Bireh district ,was kind enough to conduct a brief speech , praising the patriotic and divine sacrifices of persons with disabilities and their role in achieving the dream of the Palestinian recognition of the State of Palestine . He also praised the center and its achievements and activities to provide a second home for wounded Palestinians, as described by the late leader and Palestinian president Yasser Arafat. Mr. Barghouti also showed his hope to celebrate the occasion next year, in light of an independent state under the chairmanship of President Mahmoud Abbas, and with Jerusalem as its recognized capital.
His Holiness Father Atallah Julio expressed his sentiments of love and tolerance and stressed that the road to a Palestinian state is the road of pain not to be achieved by words but realized in the tender sacrifices offered by Palestinians to this country.
The celebration concluded with a word of appreciation to everyone who participated and contributed towards the success of this celebration on the occasion of World Disabled Day. Many symbolic gifts and souvenirs were distributed to raise the morals of those with disabilities, including the sick and the wounded and others who attended the occasion.

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