A Visit of a delegation of the


On Sunday 01/06/2013 a delegation of the Orthodox club "Women's Basketball Team" in Jordan visited Khalil Abu Raya Rehabilitation center, after stopping by the Orthodox club, Ramallah. The dignified delegation was led by Ms. Mona Awad who is a well-known member of the governing body of the orthodox Club in Amman, Jordan and accompanied by Mr. Zuhair Nassar, President of the Sports Committee of the orthodox Club in Amman, Jordan.
The delegation was received by Mr. Mustafa Abdul Hadi the chairman of the board, and Dr. Hani Husary who is a Board Member, and the orthodox club president in Ramallah, Mr. Nasser Tahboub who is also a Board Member and the Head of Foreign Relations of the center among a number of staff of the Executive team.
 They welcomed the visiting delegation and introduced the members to the rehabilitative services offered by the Centre, they also conducted a tour for all medical departments where the visiting delegation praised and expressed their astonishment towards the level and quality of rehabilitation services provided by the Abu Raya Center.

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