The U.S. medical delegation vi


A U.S. Medical delegation, accompanied by Dr. Midhat Taha a leading doctor in the healthcare field, visited Khalil Abu Raya Rehabilitation center, where the visiting delegation was welcomed and received by the board of directors  , along with a number of medical staff of the executive team.
Mr. Mustafa Abdul Hadi , the chairman of the board welcomed the delegation and introduced them to the rehabilitation services provided by the Center, emphasizing on the center’s quest towards the continuation and development of rehabilitation services in synced with the supreme national interest of the Palestinian nation, as the delegation was offered a detailed  tour in most medical departments and the rehabilitation specialist facilities .notably, During the visit many discussions took place, such as mutual cooperation and exchange of experiences through activating Academic relationships with the visiting delegation .
The meeting was concluded with a profound praise for the humanitarian role of the center as a medical rehabilitation monument, conveniently serving the special needs of the Palestinian demography .many souvenirs and symbolic gifts of friendship were exchanged as the visiting delegation praised the warm reception and hospitality of the Khalil Abu Raya Center.

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