Signing an Agreement of Cooper

...Under the auspices of his Excellency Dr. Hani Abdeen, Minister of Health, an Agreement of Partnership and Cooperation was signed between the Patient’s Friends  Society /Khalil Abu Rayya Rehabilitation Center, and Al Quds University to establish the Master Program of Physiotherapy and  Rehabilitation , in cooperation with  the Swedish  Gutenberg University . This is a unique and distinctive program aiming to build the capacities of the workers in the field of rehabilitation in Palestine . The Agreement was signed on behalf of the Patient’s Friends Charitable  Society, by the Chairman of the Society Mr. Mustafa Abdel Hadi , and on behalf  of Al Quds University , by Dr. Imad Abu Kishik , the Executive Deputy Rector of  the University. On this occasion, the employees expressed their happiness for this cooperation which comes within the framework of the desire and insistence of both parties on  extending bridges of cooperation and communication to support and develop the staff working in the field of  physiotherapy and rehabilitation . And as both cooperating parties believe in the importance of scientific research , field training and practical application  in this regard with the aim of  qualified efficiencies to work in rehabilitation  Centers in Palestine .  

A group of  efficient and professional personalities attended the ceremony of signing the Agreement. His Highness Dr. Hani Abdeen, the Minister of Health praised this Agreement and its vital and distinctive impact on developing and  building the capacities of  the Palestinian health staff in order to contribute to raise up the level of health services which are provided to the Palestinian people by the Ministry of Health.  

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