1.The link between the main building (K.Abu Raya Rehab) and the Specialized Rehabilitation building to facilitate the employees movement .

2.The Specialized rehabilitation Project : It includes the out patient clinic , The physiotherapy for out patients, The internal Nursing Department , the meeting room, the teaching college, the artificial limbs, Wheelchair maintenance and manufacture, technical aids, stores , supportive services, and the sport playground .

3. The orthopedic Surgery project. It aims at:

     •Providing the specialized care for patients and injured.

     •Reduce treatment expenses outside.

  •Enhance Rehabilitation process since it is an important element in orthopedic surgery.

4.The outreach program aims at providing discharged patients with medicines and medical items.

5.The project of pharmacy establishment and medicines store.

6.OPEC project 1 ( It is a project that provides technical aids and artificial limbs for  patients with special needs and physical disabilities).

7.OPEC project 2 (It’s a project that will increase the occupancy rate for the centre whereas it supports the running occupancy expenses such as the electricity, water, communications, salaries, fuel).

8.The training project and developing the employees’ qualifications.

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