Administrative Departments


The Administrative Departments:

35 employees are working in it, it includes the following units :

1-The General Administration

Main Duties:

1-Participation in determining the various administrative strategies in coordination with the  Board of Directors.

2- Preparing the yearly occupancy plans and following up implementation.

3-Following up and supervising the staff working on the implementation of the general plans for the developing projects.

4- Quality control assurance and providing support and assistance to the medical departments to facilitate various difficulties facing the daily work.


2- Files and Secretary

It is one of the administrative units whereas its staff works on organizing the in and out correspondence and various administrative files. The secretaries also are responsible about printing all the administrative documents coming out from the different departments in addition to proposals or any latest duties.


3- Personnel Department

Main Duties: 

1-Providing the different departments with their needs and organizing their matter.

2- following up their movement regarding permit leaves and vacations.  3-Provide them with service according to rules and regulations.

4- Prepare a time table for department’s activities, and to put plans and implement them after being adopted . 


4- Monitoring and Internal Auditing Unit

In this department we are concerned in internal auditing and monitoring, in addition to following up all financial and administrative matters to control quality assurance.  This can be achieved through the periodical visits to different departments to audit the implementation mechanism needed  for the work in the centre.  


5-The Public Relations and development Department

The Main Duties:

1-    Participation in preparing the needed proposals to search for finance in order to develop and direct the work in the centre.

2-    Present the center's role and mission, and the definition of the goals and activities of the centre, to build a strong mutual relations between the centre and the different organizations, in addition to the delegations visitors on the national and international levels .  


6- The Accounting Department


The staff aim at following up all the financial matters related to in and out patients.  This can be achieved through implementing the financial system adopted by the board of Directors to ensure applying the quality assurance mechanism.


7- The Purchases and Supplies Department

It is a supportive department for all the units. The staff works on providing the departments with the needed supplies to direct work in the centre. Also, the staff is concerned in implementing the financial and administrative system that has to do with entering and taking out the items that have been purchased according to the legal process.


8- The Services Department

It is a supportive department for both administrative and medical department. It's Main Duties are :

1-To achieve the general cleanliness in all the center's utilities.

2-To Facilitate technical obstacles that face the different departments.


9- The Reception


It is the central area whereas the visitors are directed according to the aim of the visit.  The needed administrative system is implemented in this unit to organize work progress in the centre.


10- The Specialized Library


It is a scientific edifice that includes many references and books related to the medical and rehabilitation field.  It also serves all sectors such as volunteers, Trainees, therapists, specialists, and patients.


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