Family Integration

The Family Role in Success of the Rehabilitation Process :

When the family is keeping on continuous contact with their patient, visiting him and always talking to him, staying beside him side by side during the rehabilitation process, all of these factors play an important role in the success of the rehabilitation process.The presence of any member of the family will leave a tremendous impression on his psychology.  This will give support to him and strengthen his self-trust.  Also the family is an important element that gives the patient the feeling of dignity and hope in the coming future. They can understand his needs, and what kind of help to offer him.

The family has to assert to their patient that he has a social role, and his point of view is accepted.Also his abilities are still available.Thus, he has to make every effort for him and his family, especially if he is married and has a family that he has to care about it and earn his living.

The integration of the family and being acquainted in every single details and cooperative with the therapists will help the patient to be independent. 

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