Continuous Education Committee

It is committee that consists of medical and administrative department’s representatives. The educational staff is concerned in coordination, planning, supervision and following up the educational activities inside and outside the centre.

 The Educational Committee Mission :

The educational committee members aim at evoking the dialogue and organizing the training, cultural, and professional programs to develop the employees' abilities.  Their decisions are based on The academic and professional development.

The Goals of the Educational Committee:

1- To enhance and improve the practical and the scientific level for the employees in the centre through holding the lectures and cultural workshops.

2- To hold an awareness seminars for the patients and their families about the spinal cord injuries and damages resulted of it.

3- To hold scientific seminars in the centre in order to follow up the development in the medical and rehabilitation aspects.

4- To implement the principals of the scientific research inside the centre.

5- The committee works on arranging a weekly workshops and announcing for it internally through a monthly schedule.

6- Arranging workshops with other institutions to exchange experiences.

7- Printing and distributing scientific pamphlets regarding issues related to the centre.

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